Legacy of Fire

log 4

We at last make way for my former hometown and no doubt hordes of gnolls. We found a giant snake the druid looks to have charmed it and it fights with us for now, we explored more of the northern ruins and found a harpy that was strangely into Akrev Luztash she did however give us some keys a few to the other buildings and one to her room… We made for the temple of Sarenrae and saw the old priest who turned out to really be a huecuva one who has walked away form the light of Sarenrae and forsaken her teachings and cursed with unlife, after the battle i did a quick prayer before we rested fro the night and now i feel enlightened like never before and my power grows. We fought the last of the gnolls from the tribe that was bothering us in a surprise attack and we now make for the battle market to face whatevers left there appears to be a woman fighting some sort of giant brute in an arena what happens next is sure to try us to the utmost of our ability’s.



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