Legacy of Fire

Location Journal II

Into the fields...

Tower – There was a few dead Gnoll here. Apparently they got killed very brutally.

Crypt under Tower – The secret crypt contained several graves and a fountain. We found a key in the fountain that opened one of the doors. After Bahram nearly got killed by another trap we opened the door and fought skeletons. The ghoul in the bandages was so creepy it kept several of us in our tracks unable to move just looking at it. However Sunny didn’t flinch and managed to open a portal into a most inhospitable place for a dead man killing it we figure.

Pesh Fields – While passing by the city heading for the monastery we caught several gnolls escorting a man into the fields. The others hid as I tried to create a diversion by talking to them. The plan didn’t go as planned but we did manage to dispatch the gnolls while Sunny and Bahram went after the man from Cheliax trying to save him from a creature in the fields. By the time we caught up with them the huge monstrosity had knocked the both of them out and was trying to eat Sunny. The three of us managed to kill the beast with a combination of magic and arrows.



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