Legacy of Fire

Location Journal

So far...

Ruined Monastery – This place was probably nice looking in its day but now is in shambles. The recent inhabitants defiled it in pretty much the most vile way they could. Not sure how but I found a sword buried in the ground here.

Temple – The temple seems to have been to a god of magic I think they said. It certainly has a lot of magic still active within its walls and not all of it good. The crazy guy in the cavern seemed to be some sort of Were something or other. He’s dead now along with the smelly guy. There are still some animated wooden sphinx in one of the rooms there.

River – It’s a river. There was a big lizard or something in the water so we went north to avoid it.

Waterfalls – The ghost is apparently a fey. Not sure the difference as I have never met a ghost.

Cave – We took refuge in a cave to avoid a sandstorm. It smells of Camel which isn’t good. After venturing towards the fort and taking down many a gnoll we found ourselves returning to the cave to rest only to have been followed by more gnoll, hyena, and goblin. It took some doing but we got through it.



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